Top 6 Types of roofing around the world

1. Asphalt Shingle

Asphalt Shingle is one of the most frequently used of all roofing materials, most likely because it’s the least pricey as well as requires a minimum of skill to install. It’s made from a fiberglass medium that’s been impregnated with asphalt and then provided a surface of sand-like granules.

Two fundamental arrangements offered: the standard single-thickness selection and also thicker, laminated products. The standard type costs about half as much, however laminated roof shingles have an attractive textured appearance and last approximately half as long (commonly 25 years or more, versus 15 years plus) of all roofing materials, most likely because it’s the least pricey as well as requires a minimum of skill to install.

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2. Slate

Slate is a suitable, and long lasting product, while in the Swiss roofing systems are made from significant pieces of stone, a number of inches thick. The slate roofing is commonly considered the very best type of roofing.

A slate roofing system might last 75 to 150 years, or even much longer. Nonetheless, slate roofings are typically pricey to set up– in the UNITED STATE, for instance, a slate roofing system might have the very same price as the rest of the house. Commonly, the very first component of a slate roofing system to fail is the repairing nails; they corrode, enabling the slates to slip. In the UK, this problem is referred to as “nail illness”.

Because of this trouble, taking care of nails constructed from stainless steel or copper are suggested, and even these must be secured from the climate.

Slate Roofing - Roofing Johor

3. Metal Roof

While much more costly than asphalt, Metal Roof covering lasts longer and also is a lot more wind immune. Metal roof replacement is offered in sheets or in roof shingles that appear like various other materials.

Steel roof could be made from recycled products and also can be reclaimed when replaced. The resilience of steel roof replacement can be from fair to quite resilient, depending upon the material. The weight of steel roof replacement is light.

Metal roof is offered for reduced or high sloped roofs. It has a great resistance to both fire and wind. Cost of metal roof varied from moderate (steel) to expensive (copper).

Metal Roof

4. Clay Floor Tiles

Clay floor tile is produced by cooking shaped clay into floor tile. The thickness of the clay is determined by the size of time as well as the temperature at which it is heated up. Floor tiles may be glazed and also may have surface appearance treatments applied.

Therefore, there are a wide range of tile profiles, styles, coatings and also colors readily available. Furthermore, there could be different accessory floor tiles— matched to each field floor tile design– of various shapes created for use on ridges, hips, hip crossways and also gable ends. Installment methods rely on the nature of the tile being mounted; that is, whether it is two piece, one item, interlocking or standard.

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5. Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are made of rose city concrete, sand and water in varying proportions. The subjected surface of a tile could be finished with cementitious material tinted with synthetic oxide ingredients. The ceramic tiles are cured to reach the required toughness.


Concrete Rooding Tiles - Roofing Johor

6. Wood

Wood was the primary option for centuries, as well as it’s still a great choice, though in some areas fire codes forbid its usage. Normally made from cedar, redwood, or southerly yearn, tiles are sawn or split. They have a life expectancy in the 25-year variety, similar to asphalt shingles, but cost an average of two times as much.


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7. Plastic Polymer

Plastic Polymer is a kind of durable synthetic roof tiles. It is formed from a state-of-the-art plastic polymer product. It is made to look like slate or timber trembles. As for the durability, it claimed to be long lasting and low upkeep.

Some plastic polymer are made from recycled materials. They could be reclaimed when replaced. The weight of plastic polymer is from light to moderate. Plastic polymer can be made use of on modest to high sloped roofing systems. It benefits fire and wind resistance.

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